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Women in Tech

June 13, 2019

Only 23% of tech jobs are held by women in South Africa. More women are needed in tech but when they look at conferences, the media and inside technology companies, women mainly see men doing what they perceive to be ‘boring’ jobs, creating the industry challenge: attracting girls and women to the sector.


Women in Tech ZA aims to address those challenges by changing the image of the tech sector, showing the diverse faces of ICT and acting as a showcase by providing a platform where technology companies can find women to hire.


This month on the 12th of June, Women in Tech ZA held their inaugural Women in Tech & Digital Conference, Moving to Mastery: Women in Tech and Digital, featuring an all-female line up of speakers. The conference brought together men and women of diverse backgrounds and careers to discuss a broad range of topics relevant to the tech industry and women in tech, in South Africa.


When asked about the importance of women in tech, Aisha Pandor, co-founder and CEO of SweepSouth, said, 


“The future is digital and the people who are shaping the future are the people who build tech. At the moment, both in South Africa and the United States, those people are predominantly white men. If women are not part of building tech we are not going to be part of building our own future and our daughters will potentially grow up in a world shaped by men. Unless women get involved in tech and building the future they will be left behind”. 


The conference covered everything from female entrepreneurship in cybersecurity, to self-care and the science of sleep. All in all, it was a holistic and informative look at the tech sector and the trailblazing women working in it. 






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June 13, 2019

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